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Defining the price range, home size, amenities, and perhaps commute equation will give us a good starting place for your search parameters. Flexibility in any of these areas will increase your chances of locating a home. Your home-finding trip should not be scheduled any earlier than 4–6 weeks prior to your desired lease start date. The New York City rental market operates on a 30-day cycle, and should you visit earlier, it is unlikely that many of the properties with your desired move-in date will be available to see. But also, do not start the search too late - two to three weeks prior to the desired move-in date will give you the option of finding a home only in rental buildings, eliminating any chance of renting in a Co-op or a Condo.

Three questions to ask before applying for an NYC co-op sublet or condo rental:
Wondering why that co-op sublet is so well priced?
1- Do I have the 3-4 weeks to wait for the (typical) approval process and a place to live meanwhile
2- Am I ok if my application is inexplicably rejected and my $600 (approx.) non-refundable application fees are out the window
3- Am I ok with a 1-2 year max opportunity to rent at this address (most co-ops have a max time cap)
Why is only 1-2 years typically permitted on a co-op sublet: it is a BANK driven policy which
prefers that a minimum number of primary residents are subletting their co-ops to sublettors at
any given time.

(917) 439-6070 (A)
(646) 922-4427 (D)

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A living room with a couch, table and television.

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